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My name is Caitlin and I want to write things. I am a redheaded lover of dresses who can't apply makeup, a very small theatre teacher/librarian/tutor, and an extremely happy young wife.

I write about Glee because it makes me happy, even if the show makes me weep bitter tears.
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Do you work at Disney world or land?
redbullandcupcakebatter redbullandcupcakebatter Said:

Disney World!

I’ve never been to *land, but hopefully I can do a big trip for my 30th birthday.

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what do you do at disney? ps- you're adorbs & miss your writing. esp Hard to Come By & your random lovely drabbles x)
redbullandcupcakebatter redbullandcupcakebatter Said:

I’m an spaceport agent at Star Tours! And hopefully soon I’ll be a tour guide at the Great Movie Ride again soon. :)

Finn wasn’t prepared for his mom to have a boyfriend when he came home from summer camp.

His mom had talked a lot about the Hummels, how Mrs. Hummel died and Mr. Hummel needed help taking care of his kid that had surgery. And Finn didn’t mind, not really. His mom was always helping people. And if she spent at least one afternoon a week helping them out, it just meant that he could stay the night at Noah’s, and his mom always had Mountain Dew in the fridge.

Then he went off to camp, and all thoughts went out of his head except for learning how to open his eyes underwater and walking to the bathhouse at night alone and which cabin was going to win the ultimate Frisbee tournament. His mother wrote him letters three times a week like clockwork, and he usually wrote something back, but he didn’t really think about it, even when she started mentioning the Hummels once or twice per letter.

His mom didn’t tell him right away when he got home. He tumbled off the bus, deeply tanned and surprised that he’d grown to be as tall as she was, and at first all he could think about was his own bed and video games. But he was sitting at the kitchen table devouring a sandwich, and suddenly his mother reached over to pat his sun-browned arm and told him she had a boyfriend.

He froze, a chunk of ham still clinging to the corner of his lips. “You have a what?” he mumbled, his mouth dry.

Carole brushed the crumbs away from his lip. “I’ve been seeing Mr. Hummel, sweetie,” she said, half apologetically. “Remember?”

“Yeah, I remember, but…you’re dating him?” Finn asked, bewildered.

Carole nodded. “I’d really like you to meet him,” she said. “How about we go to the fair this Saturday, the four of us?”

Finn screwed up his face. “Four?”

“Burt has a little boy who’s your age,” Carole explained. “His name’s Kurt.” She squeezed Finn’s arm. “You’ll like them. And they’ll really like you. You’ll see.”

She sounded pretty confident, but he wasn’t so sure.

They got to the county fair the next day a little after lunchtime and waited beside the ticket booth at the entrance. He didn’t know who to look for, so he just scanned the people passing by, worrying at his lower lip.

“Oh, there they are,” Carole said suddenly, waving. “See? Over there.”

A tall broad-shouldered man in a baseball cap walked over to them with long strides, his hands in his pockets and his expression almost grim, but he smiled when he spotted Carole, and the crinkling lines around his eyes made him look a lot nicer and a lot less scary. Finn hung back as he watched his mother hug the stranger and kiss him on the cheek.

“Finn, honey, this is Burt,” Carole said, nudging him forward. “Burt, this is my son, Finn.”

Finn stared up at him. “Hi,” he said.

Burt held out his hand and Finn accepted it warily. “Nice to meet you, kid,” Burt said, shaking his hand like he was a grown up instead of a scrawny nine-year-old.

“Uh-huh,” Finn said.

Burt glanced over his shoulder and beckoned to someone behind him. “Finn, this is my boy, Kurt,” he said. “He’s nine, like you.”

Finn perked up, looking around for Burt’s kid, but he stifled a sigh of disappointment. Kurt didn’t look like he’d make for a particularly good friend. He was thin and pale, dressed in a baggy collared shirt and a pair of oversized sunglasses, and his mouth was set in a thin line. “Hey, uh…I’m Finn,” Finn stammered.

“Hi,” Kurt said shortly, his arms crossed over his chest.

He seemed like he was in a bad mood already, but Burt didn’t seem to notice. “So what should we do first?” he asked as he placed a hand lightly on Kurt’s shoulder.

They ended up doing a lot of things that afternoon, looking at the exhibitions and riding rides. Kurt wasn’t interesting in doing stuff, though; he only wanted to go on the stupid kiddie rides like the ferris wheel and the carousel. Burt took Finn on the big rides instead while Carole waited on the ground with Kurt, which was fun…but kind of awkward.

He wasn’t sure how he felt about the Hummels. Burt didn’t seem so bad- he was a little gruff, but nice. Kurt, though…Kurt scowled a lot, and was a picky eater, and wasn’t interested in anything. He wasn’t really that much fun to be around.

By the end of the day, when the sky was fading dark and the lights on the midway began to turn on, all Finn could think about was getting one of those blue slushies and watching the fireworks, just like he and his mom did every year.

“All right, Finn, so you want a blue one,” Carole said as she reached into her purse. “Kurt, sweetie, what flavor do you want?”

Finn huffed quietly. He didn’t like his mom calling that other kid “sweetie” and “honey,” but she’d been doing it all day.

Kurt pushed his sunglasses to the top of his head, ruffling his hair. His nose was pink from spending the day in the sun, but his eyes were ringed with lavender circles. “I don’t want one,” he said.

“Are you sure?” Burt asked.

“I don’t want one,” Kurt repeated vehemently, hugging his arms across his chest and kicking at the gravel. “I want to go home.”

“But what about-”

“I want to go home,” Kurt said spitefully. “Leave me alone.” He stormed away to sit down on a bench, yanking his sunglasses back down over his eyes.

Finn swiveled around to look at his mom. If he ever tried to talk like that, he’d get a mouthful of soap. He kind of wanted to see what was going to happen next.

But Carole just touched Burt’s arm lightly. “Do you think he’s feeling all right?” she asked in a low voice.

Burt shrugged, looking glumly down at the ground. “Probably not,” he said. “Today’s been more walking around than he’s had in weeks. I’d better take him home.”

Finn frowned. Kurt was still sulking on the bench, his lower lip pushed out and his shoulders hunched, the toes of his sneakers digging into the dirt. He was being a brat, and it wasn’t fair.

“See you later, bud,” Burt said, squeezing Finn’s shoulder. “Sorry we’ve got to go so soon.”

Finn didn’t say anything. Burt walked over to Kurt and knelt down to whisper something in his ear. Kurt nodded and Burt picked him up like he was a little kid.

“Let’s go get your slushie, sweetie,” Carole said. Finn shrugged as he watched Burt disappear into the crowd. Something was weird about the Hummels.

But whether he liked it or not, his mom married Burt Hummel a few months later. No one even asked him if he was okay with it. And he wasn’t. Mostly. But clearly Kurt wasn’t okay with it either, because he disappeared during the reception and Burt had to drop everything to go look for him.

He and his mom moved into the Hummels’ house across town, packing up the home where’d he lived for his whole life. Burt helped, loading up his pickup truck with their stuff and lugging it in. Kurt stayed out of the way, lurking in corners and glaring at them when they passed by. He didn’t even emerge when they ordered pizza for dinner.

The first night in Finn’s new bedroom was miserable. He had to share a room with Kurt, and within in the first few minutes he knew he was going to hate it. His stuff was still mostly in boxes, heaped up like the walls of a sandcastle, and Kurt was huddling in his bed on the other side of the room, his knobby knees drawn up to his chest.

“You boys going to be okay down here?” Burt asked.

“Yeah, I guess,” Finn said, stretching his legs out the length of his new bed. The sheets smelled like the old house, and it was making him feel vaguely mopey.

Burt patted him on the shoulder and walked over to Kurt’s side of the room. “You ready for bed, kiddo?” he asked.

Kurt didn’t answer. He just rolled over onto his stomach, burying his face in his pillow. Burt smoothed his hair, his expression falling into sad, almost grim lines, and walked away. Kurt switched off his bedside lamp the second the door closed, and Finn found himself staring into the darkness, listening to his stepbrother shift and whine and whimper in his sleep.

Eventually he got used to sharing a room with Kurt, even if he didn’t like it very much- and he was pretty sure Kurt didn’t like him very much either. They didn’t really fight, at least not too often, but they didn’t get along much either. Finn just left him alone a lot of the time. It seemed the best way to deal with him. He didn’t understand him. Kurt would be silent and moping one moment and furiously angry the next; he would go days without sleeping but sometimes spent the whole weekend in bed. He got to miss school every Tuesday afternoon so Burt or Carole could take him to a doctor, but no one would tell Finn why.

Their parents had been married for six months when he finally found out the truth.

So I know that like a month ago I was like “I’M BAAACK” and then I vanished again and it’s kind of super embarrassing but HERE I AM FOR REALS.

I’ve been working like a maniac lately- at least 50 hours a week for the past two months. And it’s great, because I love my job and I love Disney, but I’m super tired, yo.

But to prove I’ve been writing things (bit by bit, in tiny spurts!) I’ll post up a bit of an upcoming chapter to the wingfic. What was that called? I can’t remember. I am a loser.

How have y’all been? What have I missed in my tumblr absence?

There’s no pictures of the actual moment of meeting @hrhchriscolfer, but I met him and he signed my book and I gave him a rebel spy Star Tours pin and I did not cry or throw up. It was a big day. (And hopefully he doesn’t think I’m creepy…) (at Books-A-Million)

I’m going to be at the Orlando Chris Colfer book signing!!! Come find me!!! (I’m in a navy dress and I have a purse with an anchor on it. And I’ll probably be ugly crying.)

Well if you do publish anything then i will read and love it :))
redbullandcupcakebatter redbullandcupcakebatter Said:


um so I’m going to meet Chris Colfer tomorrow and I’m going to die. Or throw up. Or ugly cry.

Maybe I should rethink this…

redbullandcupcakebatter redbullandcupcakebatter Said:


I struggled a bit about if I wanted to still write fanfiction. But for right now, I feel like I still have stories in me, even if I can never publish them for reals.

Things have been real crazy, y’all. Here’s the quick version! 

-P is in Orlando with me and we’re settled in our apartment with Hiccup (who is still mad at me).

-I am having a blast working at the starport!

-I got in my first wreck and my car might possibly have to be totaled. :(

-I have written a little!

I’m easing back into writing, so hopefully that keeps going well. I need to get caught up on season 5, but I AM STILL SO IN LOVE WITH KLAINE.

Oh, and I broke my personal blog, so I had to start a new one: it’s at That’s where all my Disney and personal and fashion nonsense will go!

So what have y’all been up lately? What have I missed in my tumblr exile?

Oh, and I’ve been working on a really intense chapter of the wing!fic. Anyone want to see a sneak peek?

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Do you think it would be sweet for Blaine to wear an engagement ring as well?
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I am for this.

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I tried to go to your personal tumblr - hello-gidgett - and it's not there anymore? :c Did you delete?
redbullandcupcakebatter redbullandcupcakebatter Said:

I didn’t- it just broke! I don’t know what happened, but I can’t access old posts and I can’t answer asks. :( so now I have a new one,

(basically…the same address without the hyphen. :P)



1. Do you read fic? Do you write fic?

2. Favorite genre of fic?

3. Favorite fandom?

4. Favorite pairing?

5. Favorite fic author?

6. Favorite fic (or one of them)?

7. One-shots or longfic?

8. Do you read WIPs?

9. What is the longest fic you’ve read?

10. Favorite trope/element/scenario in fic?

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